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My original intention was to review William Fay’s book, Share Jesus without Fear, chapter by chapter all the way through. After reading and reviewing chapter 6, however, I honestly feel that I have read enough, having obtained an adequate, clear view of what drives Fay’s ideas. On a scale of 1 to 5, I would give this book a rating of 1 star—or at most 1.5. Continue reading

Before I begin this fifth part of the review of William Fay’s book, Share Jesus without Fear, I do feel the need to forewarn you that what follows is quite critical, but not without reason. The sixth chapter, entitled “Bring to Decision,” presents what I consider to be seriously flawed, unbiblical teachings that all Christians who read this book should be made aware of. Since theology always informs and drives practice, it is imperative that we discern the theology underlying Fay’s approach to evangelism. If the theology behind it is questionable, then the method itself is probably questionable, too. Continue reading

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The author of this blog, Jeremy (Jehanne), is a Catholic who strives to think God's thoughts after Him and obey Christ's exhortation to take up the cross daily and follow Him on the way to Golgotha. He likes reading theology, evangelizing, and, of course, writing.