This life is full of many blessings, particularly for people in America and many other countries, who enjoy the benefits of a civilized, industrialized, well-to-do homeland where hunger, poverty and persecution are known only as words. We enjoy many temporal comforts that we probably even take for granted, such as friends, family, skills, work, shelter and so on. Although we should not feel guilty for having these blessings, we need to face the stark reality that one day we will have to die and leave them all behind. All of our material possessions will pass on to someone else, and all our loved ones, friends, and acquaintances will move on without us. What then? We will have to stand before God to be judged. What will He say to you about your life? Will you make it into heaven? The stakes are too high to ignore this all-important question, so I urge you to check out this page to learn more about it.


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The author of this blog, Jeremy (Jehanne), is a Catholic who strives to think God's thoughts after Him and obey Christ's exhortation to take up the cross daily and follow Him on the way to Golgotha. He likes reading theology, evangelizing, and, of course, writing.